Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom of the Year Award

For adding extra minutes to their ‘time out clock’ just because I enjoyed the silence…a lot.

For talking on the phone. Too long.

For banking my daughters head on the wall.

For slicing off not only too much of their fingernail, but ::cringe:: a chunk of skin too.

For getting mad over spilled milk.

For laying down a towel on a urine sopped bed at 3am until morning time (day 7, breaking point of night time potty training).

For lying to my kids and telling them it was nighttime at 6:00. And enjoying that it worked.

For eating a few of their fruit snacks (mMMmm) out of their packages before I hand them to them. What pink ones?

For eating out too much. Or choosing not to cook at all some nights (“throw together” nights).

For letting them fall asleep with a TV on at night (swore I’d NEVER do this).

For judging other parents who children had “binkies” too old, when my daughter slept with us until she was two.

For telling the girls they’d have to get a shot in the…eye…. if they played with toys at the doctors office. I know. I know.

For reading only the top line on each page of a story on those late nights.

For accidently washing their hair with my ‘burning soap’ ((acid)), and getting it in their eyes during a bath.

For forgetting to fill out my third-borns baby book…at all.

For wanting them to do the things I never got to, or fell short at.

For telling them that “Santa’s watching” starting in July. Works every time.

For telling my kids there was a chipmunk in the house, and if they could catch it they could keep it (until I found piles of bread everywhere).

For having a ‘picnic dinner’ on my living room floor because my table was piled high with… .

For running out of spoons. Okay I’m lying. For running out of silverware..ugh…completely.




  1. I'm not alone! I can't believe how many of those things I've done. ;0)

  2. That list sounds soo soo SOOO familiar! Who do I know who's done most of those things?? Oh, wait, ME!

  3. Hi, honey! Following back from Measuring Flower. I hope you have a great week. :-)