Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Use the Season | Fall Photo Opt

If you are an owner of a typical plain-Jane digital camera like me, then I have a tip for you. Turn OFF the automatic, and give Manual a whirl! I do not claim to be a photographer, I am just a mom with a camera, but I have learned a few cool new things along the way.

Stand where nobody else is standing. Get in there!! You may find yourself crunched into a bush, or standing on top of a picnic table looking down, but these angles set your photos apart from everybody else's. Where standing point-blank and snapping a picture can offer some cool images…try a few ABOVE or BELOW shots and see what you get.



Now as this may seem as a little ‘step back in time,’ fall offers elegant natural back drops that give you opportunities to dig a little something different out of the closet (just for fun!!)….

DSCF3229 (2)

Pull out that old color wheel! Complementary colors in photos offer the same pleasing effect to the eye as it does in a painting. Choose locations/ backgrounds that complement the people being photographed (and their clothing). I use a color wheel mostly to as a guide for complementary colors. Complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel, they make each other pop and provide unique color schemes. You might not usually think to pair these colors together, such as purple and green.
Read more: How to Use a Color Wheel | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5101578_use-color-wheel.html#ixzz1aOexN8zk



Lighting. Better lighting would have made this shot better. It is said that there is a “Golden hour,” of time for outdoor photo taking, Dawn and Dusk (and hour each way). Mid-day light casts a bright white light, where dusk/dawn will give you a golden hue. The following website offers great tips and examples on how to achieve quality photos during the Golden Hour. http://www.photoble.com/photography-tips-tricks/6-golden-hour-photography-tips-create-exquisite-photos-without-expensive-lighting

DSCF3202 (2)

Where this may not be ‘everyday wear’, I thought it would be fun for an old fashioned look. I am also learning different ways to position (my kids!) for better pictures. They do not always have to be front and center. Try off-setting them, or cropping them a little to the side like the two below.

DSCF3238DSCF3062 (2)

Baby feet! I have tried taking pictures of baby feet in my hand, on a white blanket, etc. and they are cute and all…but against a darker background like this, they really pop!









For more tips on how to get that ‘old-fashioned’ look to your pictures, follow the link below!!http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1605025/how_to_make_digital_photos_look_old_pg2.html?cat=7

Get to know you camera, and spend time editing your pictures. You can take a lousy photo, and put a really great spin on it if you work on it a bit. Play with the contrast, exposure, and tint..you can always ‘save a copy’ of the original. You can never take too many pictures, click away and be creative!!

All photos by…ME!!  ~Kristy  xoxo

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