Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

        If you are interested in a Pinkalicious Party, feel free to use this as your guide…I have done my research!  My daughter Madelynn had decided she had wanted to follow the book ‘Pinkalicious’ as her 6th Birthday theme. We had never seen it done before, it had just stemmed from a VERY loved book about a little girl who loves everything PINK..but, a little too much.

In a nut shell, Pinkalicious eats too much pink junk food (esp. pink cupcakes!) and turns pink herself, her doctor then puts her on a strict diet of yucky green food to be a normal girl again. Food, Food, Food, Pink, Pink, Pink…..I can do that! Annnnd to top it off, of course what else does Pinkalicious wear?? A pink dress, pink wings, carries a star-wand, and wears a gold crown….bonus!


For starters, we invited ALL of the girls in her class…..

pink cupcake invite

…..and they came.


I opted out of traditional goodie-bags and went for something a little different. Upon arrival each very excited Pinkalicious girl (already dressed in pink) was greeted, and got to pick out their very own crown, wand, and wings.



(Below, left) I purchased the comb-in style crowns at Meijer's, pretty inexpensively. I set them up on a plastic platter, on top of a pink fuzzy hat to give it a fancy look.

(Below, right) The butterfly wings were ordered on, for just over a dollar a pair. This was the only thing I had to order, because it was too hard to track down that many wings in one color without paying a fortune. I was very happy with their quality. Just for frill, I added a feather boa to the basket they were placed in.



(Below) After much searching, I tracked down these oh-so-perfect wands at Target in the Birthday Party section, they came in packs of six. I thought arranging them in a vase with pink tissue paper or shredded paper would dress it up a little. The frame next to the vase welcomed guests and played off of the invitations.


Here are some pictures of the general set-up….

DSCF7533 DSCF7549

I decorated some banisters with things I already had, you could even use white crepe paper and bundles of pink curling ribbon for a pretty look too! Also blew up a bag of pink balloons for the floor.



These way-cool pink, fluffy, pom poms were purchased at in packs of 3, for about $7 a pack. Standard balloons were also hung upside down in doorways for a fun look. As with any other special event, the birthday girls chair was decorated too!



As for what was on the menu….we had a PINK table, and a ..GREEN tablebecause you have to eat healthy green food too, to be a normal girl again that is.

My PINK TABLE consisted of: Pink PB&J /Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, pink marshmallow sticks, pink marshmallow strawberries, pink Loft-House cookies, pink Whoppers, pretzel rods dipped I white chocolate with pink sprinkles, fresh strawberries with dyed pink whipped topping dip, strawberry yogurt with four bowls of sprinkles (kids pick their own!), watermelon, jar cherries (big hit!), Little Debbie Flower Cakes, Twizzler bites, home-made ‘Pinkalicious’ style cupcakes (large and mini), jello, and pink chocolate marshmallows on sticks (and in bowls!). Pink drinks? Yes Please! Drinks choices were Pink Lemonade, and Pink Milk.















Here are some close-up pics…


As for the ‘main course’ I gave them a choice of PB&J or Ham & Cheese Sandwiches. Hmmmm…pink bread you wonder? Get out your phone book and start calling bakeries. This was hard to acquire because using that much pink dye tends to dye their bread machines, so many were hesitant. Although it meets the requirement of a ‘main dish,’ the bread was a little stiff and these were not as big of a hit as I had hoped.


Now these marshmallows on the other hand, stole the show!! These are marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate (from a cake store), sprinkled, and topped with a cinnamon drop to resemble a cherry on top of a cupcake. The sticks were also purchased from a cake store.

Tips for making dipped marshmallows: Fill a pan with a few inches of water and boil, turn it off but leave it on the burner. Set a large bowl (glass is what we used) on top of the pan over the water, this will melt your chocolate and keep it warm for dipping. Make sure you have something arranged to poke your sticks into, otherwise they will stick together or have a flat side. Poke on your marshmallow, dip in chocolate, sprinkle, and poke into foam to dry! These were made the night before the party and held up great.

Below are a few more pics of all of that yummy pink food!




Onto the GREEN TABLE!!!!  After all of those little girls filled up on Pink, Pink, Pink….they HAD to pick one thing off of the green table (hehehe)…here were their choices….


       ….Baby green bananas, Baby pickles (hit!)…..


                        ….Peas, Apples……



                       …..and Broccoli!!!


(Below) This is how the table was set up.


What I did to entertain a house full of girls….

*Pinkalicious Bingo~ , click on this link and print off all of your already created Pinkalicious Bingo cards!! Use candy as stoppers :)

*Donut eating contest~powdered!! This was a riot!

*Nail Painting Table-and a designated painter..or two. Also worked as a doodle table because I lined it with paper and only set out shades of pink and green crayons for coloring.

*Face Painting~ I pre-painted several options from the story (ex:crown, cupcakes, candy..)

*Hot Cupcake (Hot Potato)~ Used a pretend cupcake

*Balloon Bounce~ Who can keep their pink balloon afloat the longest just using their wand?

PRIZES: (Everyone received one LARGE prize (ex: pink dress, pink fuzzy hat, pink light-up crown), and several SMALL prizes (candy jewelry & mini-wands) as they won activities. Everybody won. Smile


Below is a gallery of pictures of what we did!!













Cake and Presents





…and GOODbyes…



These were the home-made goodie bags she sent home with each girl, they were the same marshmallows that were on the sticks. I photo-shopped the cupcake image and typed around it,

     “Thank you for coming to my Pinkalicious Party, having you was better than cupcakes!!” Love, Madelynn

I just printed them on card stock. These were a party favorite!






All in All…one very special pink party…..for one very special little girl.

~Best Wishes for your very own Pinkalicious Party

~Kristy  xoxo 



  1. such a GREAT first blog post. So proud of you! can't wait for Adelyn to want a Pinkalicious Party!


  2. Oh my daughter would LOVE this party theme. She is our very own Pinkalicious. :o) I love all the pictures too!

    Found your blog on MBS! I've subscribed to your RSS feed. I can't see any ways to follow you in your Followers section right now, but will check the next time I visit!

    Little Miss Nerd Girl

  3. Oops! Nevermind, GFC decided to show I am following you now! :)

  4. This is so cute. My daughter would love this! She will be 7 in Feb. Can you guess what her favorite color is? :op

  5. This is absolutely adorable! I am a kindergarten teacher and I adore this story! My students love it too...the boys and the girls! I usually dress up as her for Halloween and the kids go bananas! I will have to "steal" some of your darling ideas! Mom of the year award!!!

  6. My almost 4 year old has requested a Pinkalicious party this year and this will be SO helpful! So many good ideas, thanks so much!