Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

Fairies, Unicorns, Rainbows..all will eventually make the list for a little girls party at some point…well I can help with one of them! Browse below and soak up some ideas!!


Rainbow Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows



Tips for making dipped marshmallows: Fill a pan with a few inches of water and boil, turn it off but leave it on the burner. Set a large bowl (glass is what we used) on top of the pan over the water, this will melt your chocolate and keep it warm for dipping. Make sure you have something arranged to poke your sticks into, otherwise they will stick together or have a flat side. Poke on your marshmallow, dip in chocolate, sprinkle, and poke into foam to dry! These were made the night before. I used White Wilton’s melting chocolate and dyed it small batches at a time. I had a problem with GEL food coloring, and recommend liquid. You can buy ‘sucker sticks’ at a craft store, these cake sticks were purchased at a local cake store…good luck!

Rainbow Cupcakes


(Above) This is the ‘girlie’ version of a rainbow. Make your cupcakes as desired (these are confetti), add your frosting, cut and bend pieces of Air-head Extreme candies to make the rainbow..and hold tight with some frosting clouds~ YuM!!

(Below) This is an image of the same cupcakes done with different color rainbow air-heads.

rainbow cupcakes


Rainbow Twizzlers + Skittles + Fish bowl= (CENTERPIECE!!)

Arrange in a small goldfish like bowl (you can find at the dollar store), with Skittles at the bottom. The Twizzlers fan outward.  These make awesome centerpieces!!!!


Fruit Tray/ Veggie & Fruit Tray

It’s always nice to offer a healthy choice or two at a party, here’s some pretty options!

fruit trayveggie rainbow

(Above Left)

(Above Right)


Rainbow Jello Orange Wedges…for real!

I found these browsing the web, how creative!! Here’s the link for the tutorial, give it a go!!

rainbow oranges

Pretzels + M&M’s + Rainbow mini-marshmallows= Trail mix!



You can serve any drink of choice and make your own rainbow ice cubes, just add a drop of food coloring!

Jones Soda, assorted colors~ served with straws!



Some Rainbow Cake Ideas:



White on the outside…rainbows on the inside!! There are two different types below, Layered/ or/ Mixed. Follow the links below the pictures for tutorials!



(Above) eat-a-rainbow.html




Don’t forget about Confetti cake…plain…simple…fun!


Simple Entertainment

Rainbow coloring! These are actually just Easter Egg Dye cups, and better yet, you could sort them by color into the cups.


Fruit Loop Necklaces

Use yarn and wrap a little masking tape on the end of some yarn so they can be thread it through, edible project.

A Colorful Guess

Put lots of skittles, M&M's, or anything else colorful in a jar. Have everyone guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner gets the jar full of candies. (Don't forget to count the candies beforehand…)

Pot of Gold Hunt

This is a fun and creative game for the Rainbow first birthday idea. Get an empty egg carton and twelve small rocks that fit in the eggcups. Paint the rocks and corresponding sections of the egg carton with various colors. When the rocks have dried, hide them around the party area. Write down clues on colored papers (corresponding to the rock that's to be found) and have the kids hunt for the rocks and match them to the correct sections of the egg carton. At the end the kids'll find a pot full of gold chocolate coins that everyone can share.


I hope these ideas give you some inspiration, be creative and can dye just about anything (fruit dip, ranch, etc.)! Good luck and have fun!!

~Kristy  xoxo

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